If you are tired of shaving and waxing and the constant maintenance that comes with hair removal, or if you prefer smooth, hair-free skin, laser hair removal might be an option for you. Laser hair removal is highly effective, and the process is gentle enough to be used even on sensitive areas–many patients are curious about what areas we can treat. At SKIN Vegan Med Spa, our laser hair removal is effective on all skin types and gentle enough to be used on all areas of the body. 

The most popular areas for laser hair removal include:

  • Face (including the chin, sideburns, and upper lip)
  • Underarms (say goodbye to razor burn forever!)
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Bikini area/Brazilian

However, laser hair removal isn’t limited to these areas. It is an excellent option for those areas where you have stubborn hair or hair growth that isn’t aesthetically pleasing. Some patients prefer to treat minor areas such as the tops of the toes, lower abdomen, or hard-to-maintain regions like the back or buttocks. It is gentle enough for skin anywhere. Our talented staff can answer any questions you might have and help you customize a treatment plan.

What is the best type of laser hair removal?

At SKIN Vegan Med Spa, we exclusively use Soprano ICE Platinum by the prestigious Alma Laser company, which is known for offering more benefits than any other laser device on the market today. We have high standards, and we only want the best for you. Unlike traditional laser hair removal devices, which you can only use on darker hair and lighter skin tones, Soprano ICE is suitable for ALL skin colors, even tanned and dark skin. This technology is gentle enough to use on every area of the body. It’s also safe enough to be used all year round.

Unlike other laser hair removal treatments that are often restricted to the winter months, Soprano ICE Platinum treatments can be done year-round. So book your appointment when it’s most convenient for you, all while enjoying smoother effects than traditional hair removal treatments. Call us today to start your journey to smoother skin!

How does Soprano ICE Platinum work?

Soprano ICE Platinum utilizes many forms of pulsed light, which allows it to penetrate the skin to the exact depth of the follicle without burning the skin. This updated version of the Soprano ICE laser allows for a deeper penetration which can more effectively treat hair at the root, and has been more effective on darker hair and on darker skin. Even hard-to-remove hair has been treated effectively with this laser. Hair is removed by gently heating the hair follicle during an active growth cycle which permanently damages the hair follicle, killing the hair and preventing it from producing new hair. 

With Soprano ICE Platinum laser hair removal, you can eliminate hair at the root while leaving intact surrounding skin. Laser hair removal can rapidly treat large body areas like the legs or back within about 30 minutes, about the same amount of time as a wax appointment. Patients typically see an 80-90% reduction in hair after an average of six sessions with only a yearly maintenance schedule of 1-2 visits per year. 

Am I a good candidate for laser hair removal?

If you have unwanted body hair, chances are you’re an excellent candidate for Soprano ICE Platinum. 

The best candidates for Soprano ICE Platinum are patients who desire to get rid of unwanted hair and prefer smooth skin. Any laser treatment will work best on healthy skin, so if you are currently sunburnt or dealing with a skin issue that requires medical treatment, it’s best to wait until your skin is healed before booking your appointment. If you’re ready to start your journey to smoother skin, call us today, our specialists are waiting by the phone to answer any questions you might have!

How much is laser hair removal?

The average cost of laser hair removal in the United States is $389, according to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, it’s important to note that this number does not represent the total cost of treatment and omits additional costs like facility fees, other related expenses, and regional price differences. 

Factors that dictate the price of laser hair removal include:

  • The areas you’d like to have treated.
  • The number of sessions you need.
  • The expertise of the person performing the procedure.
  • The specific laser they choose to use.

Most insurance companies do not cover procedures like laser hair removal, but many private offices offer financing options. 

How many treatments are needed for laser hair removal?

The number of treatments needed to remove hair from any area entirely will vary based on the individual patient and the laser used. At SKIN Vegan Med Spa, we use the Soprano ICE Platinum laser, an elite laser from the prestigious Alma Laser company. 

Most patients need six sessions to remove unwanted hair in an area. Laser hair removal service is most effective on hair in an active growth cycle, so occasionally, patients will require a follow-up session, but these are not needed more than once or twice a year. Soprano ICE Platinum is virtually painless and requires no downtime. Luckily, Soprano ICE Platinum works on all skin types (even tanned skin), so the treatment can be done anytime during the year. So as soon as you want to start your journey to smooth, hair-free skin, we’ll be waiting for your call!

Is Soprano ICE Platinum safe on darker skin?

YES! Unlike traditional laser hair removal devices, which can only be used on lighter skin tones, Soprano ICE Platinum can be used on all skin colors, including tanned skin and dark skin, with fantastic results!

What is recovery like? Are there any side effects?

Although everyone’s skin is different, this treatment is highly effective and also extremely gentle. Most patients report a virtually painless experience and little to no downtime. It’s common for skin to look slightly pink or be sensitive for a few hours, but typically patients report the skin feeling soft and smooth. Call us today to see the results for yourself!

Why should I choose SKIN Vegan Med Spa for my laser hair removal?

At SKIN Vegan Med Spa, we believe in enhancing and promoting a full spectrum of life, beauty, health, mental and physical well-being, and wholeness. Our services range from MedSpa treatments to whole body care in our Day Spa and juice bar. Call us today to book a consultation, and you’ll have a chance to meet with one of our specialists, who will guide you to a customized treatment plan. 

At SKIN Vegan Med Spa, we don’t just treat you as a patient; we treat you as a person, and we believe your mind and spirit are the essentials that reflect in your physical health, appearance, and, ultimately, your lifestyle. So whether you’re looking for a simple laser hair removal treatment or holistic whole body care, we can customize a treatment plan to help you step into your most balanced, beautiful, authentic self. So call us today to see the difference we could make in your life! 

Laser Hair Removal Guide
Laser Hair Removal Guide