• The microwave-safe beads can be heated up or cooled down in the refrigerator to fit your liking. When the mask is cool, it can help with tired, puffy eyes and wake you up when you need it. When warm, our mask aids in getting a relaxing night's sleep as well as reducing any congested sinuses and increasing blood flow to your eye area. The super soft, plush backing makes it super comfortable on the eyes. No uncomfortable, cold, hard plastic here
  • Classic double side satin silk material, soft and skin-friendly. Ideal to Block Out Light - block out street lamps or the morning sun - helping you to relax and fall asleep quickly for a blissful sleep and wake up refreshed.
  • Holistically enhanced, naturally flavored, and completely untouched by man during bottling, our luxury artesian water wholly quenches thirst while organically promoting gorgeous skin, rejuvenation and overall wellness. With every sip, the body learns how to revitalize, detoxify and heal itself. Grab a bottle of pH-balance H2O to begin incorporating the regiment into your daily sipping routine.
  • Portable facial steamer! Detoxify and cleanse your skin like the professionals with SKIN facial steamer. Feel refreshed with clear hydrated skin and unclogged pores.
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    Diamond-Glo Spin Brush

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    Exfoliation is the key to revealing a youthful and radiant skin. Our facial cleansing system is professionally designed to deliver proven results. It gently exfoliates and cleanses makeup and dirt from pores, leaving your face feeling smooth and refreshed. Experience exfoliation 500% better than cleansing with hands alone for visibly brighter, more even skin tone.
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